Dry hair.

Dry hair needs more careful care, because they may interfere look great.

Dry hair:

  • poorly reflect the light, absorb it, and as a result look dull;
  • easily torn;
  • very hard to comb;
  • split ends;
  • periodically may appear small dry dandruff.

Often, dry hair can interfere you to look good due to lack of care or negative effects: tight weave, hair dyeing, chemical waving, thermal styling, frequent exposure of wind, cold. In this case, the poor performance of the sebaceous glands become a secondary symptom. Improper care leads to the fact that the hair is able to change its structure and begins to split.

Remember that in this case, hair need an increased care, so stock up with oil-based shampoos with vitamins and herbal extracts. Also, use balms, hair conditioners, sprays, masks and herbal rinse.

Before washing hair, apply the special compositions, do thermo-wraps with oils and nourishing masks. Protect your hair from direct sunlight, frost, strong winds.

A special role for this type of hair plays a local nutrition. Any mask can promote hair growth, makes them less dry. You should apply masks before washing the head, first profusely rubbing the composition into the skin, and then distributing it over the entire length (mustard mask – an exception – it is used only for roots). After that you need wait for half an hour or more. For the treatment can also be used special cosmetics – shampoos, emulsions, masks that stop and prevent damage of hair in the future, make the hair healthy and shiny.